Mercer Island Instrument Rentals

Learn everything you need to know about renting your instrument with Metropolitan Music.


Metropolitan Music Is Excited to Support Mercer Island Music!

We at Metropolitan Music are looking forward to serving the Mercer Island music community once again this year. An instrument rental with Metropolitan Music will equip your young musician to confidently enjoy exploring the world of music, and set them up for long term success. All of our instruments and accessories meet director approval and are on 'the list.' If you have any questions feel free to call or text us via the blue icon on the website.

We will be delivering online rental orders to Mercer Island on October 10th at Northwood Elementary School in the parking lot to ensure safe social distancing.

Filling Out the Rental Contract Is Easy

Watch our short video that walks you through each step of our online rental contract.

The Ten-for-Nine

Pay nine months up front on your rental and get the tenth month free. Enter the code "1049" at the start of your rental agreement to get Ten-for-Nine pricing.


The base rate, the majority portion of your monthly payment, accumulates as Purchase Credit toward the retail value of the instrument you're renting.

Purchase Credit Transfer

When a musician needs the next size of an instrument or an intermediate or advanced level instrument, your accumulated purchase credit transfers over.