Are you ready to take the next step?  Private lessons are a great way to take your musical talents to the next level.  At Metropolitan Music, we are fortunate to have some of the absolute best instructors in the region teaching right here in our stores.  Every single one of these teachers comes highly recommended, not only for their individual talents, but their ability to effectively teach those talents to their students.  If you are interested in private lessons for yourself or someone you know, please contact us and we will get you started right away.      

Name Instrument Phone number Email address Website
Doug Canning Trumpet 206.364.6679 canning.douglas@yahoo.com
Jeff Hay Trombone 206.524.5640
Aaron Jenkins Flute, clarinet, saxophone 360.620.6762 a.jenkins24@gmail.com
Jim Knodle Trumpet 206.935.1415 jim@jimknodlemusic.com
Tim Sherman Guitar 206.547.1772 timshermanguitar@msn.com www.timsguitarlessons.com
James Whitaker Violin, fiddle 206.465.9992
Greg Wilson Tuba, bass guitar 206.240.9282
Jenny Ziefel Clarinet, saxophones 425.485.7588 jennyziefel@mac.com www.jennyziefel.com
Gwen Baker Harp 206.251.0433 harpistgwen@hotmail.com
Ron Barrow Trumpet, trombone, baritone 206.849.8552 barrowtone@comcast.net www.ronbarrowtrumpet.com
Janeen Bramwell Flute 206.930.7750
Lisa Deeter Guitar 425.941.6975 lisakaydeeter@outlook.com www.lisakaydeeter.com
Nedra Gaskill Voice ngaskillstudios@aol.com
Rebecca Herivel Trombone, Low Brass 206.713.4503 snicklefritz181@msn.com
Alex Ho Cello 425.877.3364 alex@alexhostudio.com www.alexhostudio.com
Brian Kent Flute, clarinet, saxophone 206.284.5258 bkshortpants@gmail.com
Elizabeth Samse Flute 206.755.6228 elizabethsamse@hotmail.com www.kirkland-music.com
Eric Samse Drums 206.795.4225 mr.sticks@yahoo.com www.kirkland-music.com
Terri Sandys Violin, viola, cello 206.546.8507 terrifiddle@juno.com
Jack Toker Drums 425.876.5120 jacktokerdrums@comcast.net
Laura Shepherd Voice 425.444.5344 laura.shepherd@gmail.com www.shepherdsongstudio.com
Jenny Ziefel Clarinet, saxophones 425.485.7588 jennyziefel@mac.com www.jennyziefel.com